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Kamrath Picks Up Where He Left Off


Photos by Thompson Photography

Article courtesy of Short Track Musings

After finishing last season in victory lane at the Velocity 250, Andy Kamrath started off the 2017 campaign in the very same place, capturing the victory in the 25-lap feature.

Defending Mini Stock Champion Nic Montanari won the first heat ahead of Kamrath, Eric Yorke, Mike Robinson Jr., Cory Young, Johnny Paradzinski, Stefan Woyslaw, Daniel Montanari, Dave Crumbie, Joe Dunlop and Ken Townsend.

2013 Champion Warren Paxton won the second heat ahead of Charlie Smith, Brandon Crumbie, Dylan Holmes, Bob Phinnemore, Lisa DeLeeuw, Thomas Dunn, Curtis Stewart, Amanda Shave, Peter Wakeling and the 23.

The first caution of 2017 flew on Lap 3 due to James Townsend laying fluid down on the speedway, with Josh Bullen and Wendy Adams spinning around. 2015 Mighty Mini Runner-up Cameron McGlashan won the third heat ahead of Doug Butler, Melissa Bullen, Kyle Fetterly, Randi Sequin, Doug Wilman, Eric Rainey, Chandler Bos, Adams and Harold Noseworthy.

Sophomore Daniel Montanari won the fourth heat ahead of Kamrath, Yorke, Nic Montanari, Young, Dave Crumbie, Joe Dunlop, and Ken Townsend. Notably, the 2016 Mighty Mini Champion Johnny Paradzinski blew his motor in the opening laps of this event.

A quick caution flew in the fifth heat as Wakeling went around off turn four. Warren Paxton went for the daily double ahead of Smith, Brandon Crumbie, Phinnemore, Holmes, Stewart, DeLeeuw, Wakeling, Shave and the 23.

The final heat started off with another smoke show courtesy of James Townsend on Lap 1. Two-time Sunset Speedway Champion Doug Butler won the heat ahead of McGlashan, Bos, Wilman, Josh Bullen, Melissa Bullen, Rainey, Fetterly, Sequin and Noseworthy.

With more than 28 cars on the property, a b-main was run to set the back-half of the field, with the top-10 moving on to the main event. Dave Crumbie got to visit victory lane ahead of Woyslaw, Josh Bullen, Dunlop and Stewart. Rainey finished sixth, followed by DeLeeuw, Noseworthy, Shave, and Adams. Unfortunately, the No. 23 car fell out of the race on Lap 5.

After qualifying, the feature started out strong with a battle at the front from the drop of the green flag. Off the drop of the green flag, Warren Paxton in his No. 33 BLUE MOUNTAIN HONDA OF COLLINGWOOD, GEORGINA AUTO GLASS, IMAGEWRAPS.CAAND JF KITCHING & SONS HAULAGE Honda side-by-side with Cameron McGlashan in his No. 83 England Enterprises, Orvauto, Arbor Aces Tree Care Inc, Steelcase Tires ‘N’ Mags Inc, UPS, Wix Filters,, Lubecore Barrie, M&S Metals, Polished Automotive, and Cabral Racing Promotions Mustang.

Behind them, Andy Kamrath moved into third ahead of Nic Montanari and Doug Butler, as Charlie Smith and Eric Yorke ran side-by-side for sixth at Lap 3. Brandon Crumbie slotted into eighth ahead of Daniel Montanari and Cory Young, with Mike Robinson Jr. passing Young for 10th at Lap 5. Robinson Jr. then tried to get alongside Montanari for ninth, but Montanari was able to get alongside Crumbie for eighth first at Lap 7.

The battle at the front of the field sorted itself out on Lap 8 as Paxton took sole procession of the lead, with Kamrath moving into second a lap later ahead of McGlashan, Nic Montanari, Butler and Yorke. Kamrath then got alongside Paxton for the lead at Lap 10, putting the No. 35 London Recreational Racing, AM Roofing, Jason Witty Re/Max, Seaton Structures, Brandon’s Landscape, Blue Mountain Honda, JF Kitching and Sons,, and Castrol/Superclean Honda Civic out front a lap later.

Paxton slotted into the second spot ahead of McGlashan and Montanari, with McGlashan passing Paxton for second at Lap 13. Yorke tried to get by Montanari for fourth, but was unable to make the pass as the leaders made their way through lap traffic.

The first caution then flew on Lap 15 as a result of Dylan Holmes spinning on the frontstretch. With 10 laps to go, Kamrath led McGlashan, Paxton, Montanari, Yorke, Butler, Smith, Daniel Montanari, Young, Robinson Jr., Crumbie, Melissa Bullen, Harold Noseworthy, Chandler Boss, Bob Phinnemore, Dave Crumbie and Kyle Fetterly.

The restart featured a quick caution as Robinson Jr. went around in turn one.

The second restart was clean with Kamrath holding serve ahead of McGlashan and Paxton, as Yorke and Nic Montanari ran side-by-side for fourth. Montanari got the spot on Lap 17 ahead of Yorke, Butler, Daniel Montanari, Smith and Young. Brandon Crumbie slotted into 10th ahead of Bullen, Bos and Phinnemore as Fetterly and Dave Crumbie battled for 14th. The caution then flew for a third time with three laps to go as Noseworthy went up in smoke off of turn two.

The restart saw the fourth caution fly as Nic Montanari had a problem going in turn three.

Andy Kamrath got a good restart and led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory. Cameron McGlashan finished second, followed by Eric Yorke, Warren Paxton and Doug Butler. Daniel Montanari finished sixth, followed by Cory Young, Charlie Smith, Brandon Crumbie and Melissa Bullen. Bob Phinnemore finished 11th, followed by Chandler Bos, Kyle Fetterly and Mike Robinson Jr.

Please note that this feature finish may be inaccurate so it is best to check with the track for the official results.